Leading Laboratories for Patient Blood Panels

Leading laboratory for blood tests 

At the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic, we strive always to offer our patients the best in medical procedures and technology. That’s why we use the leading blood test laboratory in Costa Rica – it is important for us guarantee that the patient’s results will always be accurate.

Echandi Laboratories, used throughout Costa Rica, perform all local blood tests, since they use state-of-the-art technology to provide quality, reliable results. Due to this fact and the importance of each one of our treatments, at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic it is critical for us to give our patients accurate results. Our goal is for the test results to be reliable, repeatable and accurate, providing our clients in this way with the confidence they need.

Each blood sample is taken at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic by a specialist technician from Echandi Laboratories, after which they are immediately and directly transferred to the laboratory, located only a few blocks from our clinic, where the analysis is performed. 

Another factor that makes us trust in Echandi Laboratories is that they are internationally ISO 17025 certified, and have constantly strived to improve and strengthen the quality of their services, not only by renewing the center’s accreditation, but also expanding it.

At the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic, we make every effort to deliver the results of each test as soon as possible, because we understand that our clients’ time is important, especially if they are medical tourists or business executives on tight schedules. The results of the blood tests, if the sample is taken in the morning, are generally delivered to us by 3:00 in the afternoon.

It is important to mention that it is necessary to fast for at least 8 hours before each blood test, during which time the only water may be consumed.

In the image on the left, you can see our main blood tests – three very sophisticated analyses that evaluate the patient’s wellbeing and help Dr. Mesén make the right decisions when determining the best treatment for each particular situation.

We also offer our clients the opportunity to have their blood samples shipped to Costa Rica from the United States, in the event that they prefer to have their blood tests done before visiting us. In this case, the client should fill out an order form for the blood sample with the help of one of our affiliated specialist technicians in the United States. The results will be send via LabCorp.


The lab is Internationally Certified ISO 17025