Testosterone Pellets in Costa Rica

In the Anti Aging and Clinic in Costa Rica one of our specialties is the treatments with bio identical hormone replacement using testosterone pellets.  In our clinic, under the leadership of Dr. Leslie Mesen, pellets have been the go to method for testosterone replacement therapy. 

In comparison with testosterone injections:

  • Testosterone pellets deliver a more physiological release of the hormone.
  • Levels of serum testosterone is at an optimal level for about three to four months, providing stabilization in mood and over all well being .
  • Testosterone pellets provide up to four months of consistent testosterone levels it eliminates the need for weekly injections.

The pellets are implanted by a simple treatment carried out by Dr. Mesen at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic, next we describe the procedure: 

  • First, the Dr. Mesen applies a local anesthetic, so there is no pain during the procedure
  • Then, Dr. Mesen does a tiny incision where the pellets will be inserted into the subcutaneous tissue of the buttock. 
  • The pellets start to release the testosterone at a physiological rate for about three to four months.  In Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic not to do any vigorous exercises or water sports for two days following the procedure.
  • In a month, it is necessary to make a blood test to monitor that proper testosterone levels have been reached. 
  • Round three to four months the inserted pellets should have dissolved and a new procedure is done again. 

Dr. Leslie Mesen has been performing this procedure in Costa Rica for many years. He is the most experienced physician in Costa Rica and the region in testosterone pellet implantation. In Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic, we recommend that if you feel symptoms like lethargy, libido, muscle mass, bone mass, mood swings, anxiety and memory, you have to check your testosterone levels, men and women.  Make an appointment and one of our doctors will help you with this procedure.