Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has been increasingly accepted by the population of developed countries, both for the medical community and the general public. Medical tourism consists in receiving medical service or treatment outside of one’s country of origin for different reasons, some of the biggest being cost, effectiveness and quality of service.

Costa Rica is considered one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism. Some of the main reasons for this are the following:

  • The treatments and medical attention are high quality and at a much lower cost compared to other countries – between 30% to 70% less expensive.
  • It has excellent, bilingual medical professionals.
  • It has excellent hospital infrastructure and internationally accredited clinics.
  • Excellence in the areas of health and labor.
  • Personalized attention and friendly service.
  • Costa Rica is world-renowned for its beautiful forests, beaches and volcanos, giving you plenty of options for an exotic vacation while the desired treatment is being performed.
  • Costa Rica does not have an army and is a peaceful country.
  • Proximity to the United States and Canada, which have the largest populations that engage in medical tourism.
  • Costa Rica has a sustainable economy and political stability.
  • State-of-the-art technology.
  • A wide range of international flights.
  • Interest on the part of the government in activities related to medical tourism.



At the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic, we have trained, bilingual professionals who will give you friendly, personalized service and are ready to attend to you the way you deserve. What’s more, at our clinic you will receive the counseling, care, and follow-up you need to make sure your treatment meets your expectations. We guarantee you that the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic is prepared to offer you high quality and cost control with all of our services. 

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Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

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