improved P Shot PrP and HGH Male Enhancement Package

Are you Interested in the improved P Shot PrP and HGH Male Enhancement Package?

The P-Shot is the modern option of non-surgical medical procedure for men that are looking for male enhancement. The P-Shot for improving male sexual function has become a new medical service in high demand throughout the US. One of the most important fact is that the P-Shot is long-lasting. The improved P-Shot is the new alternative to painful surgery for sex-related performance issues. The procedure takes around 30 minutes to perform.

It is estimated that around 1 in 2 men over the age of 40 experience sexual related issues. The P-Shot is one answer to these kinds of problems. By using the patient’s own blood, in a common procedure called Platelet-rich Plasma, the growth factors can be extracted from the blood. These growth factors are then injected in approximately 5 areas of the penis. The P-Shot for male enhancement is designed to concentrate these growth factors with the goal of enhancing nerve and vascular function in the penis. 

The P-Shot is used to treat problems related with erectile dysfunction by improving vascular function. The goal is to use the P-Shot to improve vascular function within the endothelial cells of the penis. The P-Shot can also improve nerve function, allowing for a more pleasurable experience.

When combining the P-Shot with hGH treatments, men will receive the improved benefit of Platelet-rich Plasma (PrP growth factors) and human growth hormone replacement therapy, the body composition, well-being, libido, performance, and self-confidence are improved significantly in the patients. (Note: hGH is prescribed to treat hGH deficiencies. It requires blood testing. Blood tests are performed at the clinic on the same day of the P-Shot).

Testimonial: P Shot PrP and HGH Male Enhancement Package

"I thought I’d give you an update on the PRP injection (in the penis) you performed 10 days ago. The procedure was a little more painful than I expected. My penis felt full that day. About three days after the treatment I felt a different level of firmness, that I hadn’t felt in 20 years. Now, after 10 days into the treatment I feel like a real ladies man. My erections come easily and quickly and are satisfactory throughout intimacy. Also, I have an incredible feeling of pleasure in the penis. Everything feels REALLY GOOD! I’m not sure what to expect as far as length and girth improvement, but do feel improvement, although I don’t really see much change yet.

I read that the results of the treatment really don’t have any set times and that the problem returns in time with aging. What kind of results or time frames are you experiencing with other clients of yours receiving this treatment?

Thanks Doc, this was a real breakthrough, and I think you should push this testosterone and growth hormone treatment to your clients like me. My wrist, shoulder, and lower back could possibly all benefit from the procedure. Is there a limit to the number of places in the body you can treat in one visit? (I’d like to swim in a PRP pool!)

Thanks again doctor. You have no idea how content I am!"




What you should know before any PrP procedure.

We use one of the best PrP machines. The Harvest SmartPrep2 machine produces the highest yield of growth factors when compared to 12 other commonly used PrP machines. Before paying for your P-Shot, ask your doctor about the machine he uses to prepare PrP and compare it to the yield produced in the Harvest SmartPrep2.

Do not let sex issues spin out of control, especially now when the P-Shot is available, affordable, and safe to administer.

Today, many are turning to the P-Shot and loving the return on investment.