Vitamins and Nutraceutical Supplements

At the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic you will find a wide range of vitamins and dietary supplements that will greatly benefit your body. Although you can find other multivitamins and supplements on the market, what makes us different from the rest is that we advise you which vitamins and supplements are the best ones for your body. In addition to our expertly-trained personnel, who analyze each client’s needs based on his or her blood tests and personal medical history, we pride ourselves on having high-quality vitamins and supplements that deliver excellent results.

One of our best-selling products is AM/PM Essentials de Jeunesse. Some of the features and benefits of this product are:

- These dietary supplements help slow down the aging process, minimizing premature aging.

- The AM supplement provides you with energy throughout the day, while the PM one helps your body regenerate while you rest, assisting it in the process of cellular repair.

- These medications are designed to provide you with the vitamins and nutrients necessary for your body to maintain healthy biorhythms, assisting in biological processes and combatting the symptoms and signs of aging according to the “caloric restriction” model, a scientifically-proven method that delivers very favorable anti-aging results.

- These tablets have vitamins and nutrients that assist your body in the DNA-repair process, preserving correct cellular function and keeping the immune system healthy.

- They help keep your hair healthy and your nails strong.