Norditropin Dosage Calculator and Calulating Dosages and Clicks on the Norditropin Pen

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Many new patients sometimes get confused when it comes to dialing dosages up on a Norditropin hGH Pen.

Whether it be translating their dosages from a prior hGH replacement deliver system, or simply due to forgetting exactly what the instructions were from the physician. 


Fortunately, now there is a conversion calculator which is on-line and makes it easy for those to reference at anytime.


 Note: This calculator is only valid for Norditropin Pens.


The calculater can help determine the number of clicks required so that you can program the hGH dose into your pen.


Noditropin Pen Growth Hormone hGH Dosage Calculator

Click here or on the image below to go to the calcularor.

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