David Alfaro

The bad news: I was diagnosed awhile ago with Primary Stenosing Cholangitis (PSC) after an Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) procedure that caused a supremely painful pancreatitis that lasted two weeks. PSC is terrible and is a mysterious disease that essentially destroys the liver progressively. There is not cure for it, the only definite and official treatment is liver transplantation. And that treatment is not necessarily a good prospect in Costa Rica, where liver transplantations have only a 25% survival rate.
PSC started to cause so much pain in my chest, and eventually in my liver area. Nights became horrible as the pain became deeper and extended. One starts to wonder how much longer I would be around if this is only to get worse, as it is supposed to do.
The good news: My liver stopped dying. The liver function test showed normal liver functions, after more of ten years of abnormal numbers [when I started doing liver exams]. My gastroenterologist told me: "Well, I am no longer treating you to attempt to slow down the progression of PSC, you don't need it anymore." Not only that, my fatigue is gone, I don't remember the last time I had flu or the cold. My gym injuries stopped occurring as in the past. I have lost belly fat and I have tremendously increased my lean body mass. My mood is at its best. My mind is sharp again.
What happened? The only event in my life that happened just before the "good news" came was the hormone replacement therapy prescribed by Dr. Mesen.
I clearly remember him telling me: "I wouldn't be surprised if the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) replacement treatment helps your liver, even cures it.”  He didn't promise anything; in fact, I visited him first because I knew that my low testosterone levels were affecting my mood, making me very irritable.
So I wasn't expecting anything related to improve my liver health. But after doing my own research on alternative anti-aging medicine, I discovered that HGH is a protein hormone that affects all endocrine glands and influences the growth and development of nearly every organ and tissue in the body. HGH regulates nearly all the other hormones. So I started to think that maybe I could have a small chance to help my liver by getting normal levels of HGH through the therapy of Dr. Mesen. And happily it ended up working to the benefit of my liver.
What can I tell you? It was worth it. I am feeling my biological clock has been turned back many, many years back. It is not only a feeling; it is solid fact that medical exams are telling me, which will be submitted soon so others can see the before an after results.
I am in good hands with Dr. Mesen.

Mr. David Alfaro, San Jose, Costa Rica