Luisa Castro, Heredia, CR

For a long time I tried different methods to lose the weight I gained after my pregnancy: diets, acupuncture, gym and long walks, but I didn’t obtain the expected results.
When I heard about the HCG procedure, I felt it was a good choice for me, so I tried it, with excellent results. This was a big motivation to change my life-style.
I went from being a sedentary woman to an active one, who is able to run now 6 km every day. Today after 8 weeks from the beginning of the treatment, I feel healthier, I continued to lose weight, and my life changed completely. Now I eat better, I do exercise daily and I hope soon to achieve my ultimate goal of having my ideal weight.
My starting weight was 71 kg (156,5 lbs) and 8 weeks after, my current weight is 61 kg (134 lbs).

Luisa Castro, Heredia, CR.